A revision of the Central American species related to Anolis pentaprion with the resurrection of A. beckeri and the description of a new species (Squamata: Polychrotidae).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2010
Authors:Köhler, G
Keywords:Anolis, Anolis charlesmyersi, Central America, neotype designation, new species, Polychrotidae, Reptilia, Squamata

Based on differences in coloration, morphometrics, and scalation, I recognize seven species of anoles related to Anolis pentaprion in Central America: Anolis beckeri (southeastern Mexico to northern Nicaragua), A. cristifer (Pacific lowlands of Chiapas to central Guatemala), A. fungosus (Caribbean premontane zone from central Costa Rica to western Panama), A. pentaprion (Caribbean lowlands of southern Nicaragua to northwestern Colombia, also on Pacific versant in central and eastern Panama), A. salvini (Pacific premontane and lower montane zones from central Costa Rica to western Panama), A. utilensis (restricted to Isla de Utila, Honduras), and a new species (from the Pacific lowlands of Costa Rica and western Panama) described herein. The new species differs from A. pentaprion by having a red male dewlap with few large, widely spaced gorgetal scales scattered across the dewlap (pink with purple pigment between rows of gorgetals, and with regular rows of numerous small, narrowly spaced gorgetal scales in A. pentaprion). Furthermore, I resurrect the name A. beckeri Boulenger for the pentaprion-like populations of anoles distributed from southeastern Mexico to northern Nicaragua. Anolis beckeri differs from A. pentaprion most obviously in the dorsal tail scalation (a serrated caudal crest present in A. pentaprion versus no such crest in A. beckeri) and dewlap scalation (gorgetal rows with 17–25 narrowly spaced scales in A. pentaprion versus gorgetal rows with 4–10 widely spaced scales in A. beckeri). Finally, SMF 83608 is proposed as the neotype for Anolis pentaprion. I provide standardized descriptions of A. beckeri, A. pentaprion, and the new species described herein.

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