Anolis tetarii

General description: 

Original Published Description

Barros, T., E.E. Williams, and A.L. Viloria. 1996. The genus Phenacosaurus (Squamata: Iguania) in western Venezuela: Phenacosaurus tetarii new species, Phenacosaurus euskalerriari, new species, and Phenacosaurus nicefori Dunn, 1944. Breviora 504: 1–30.


Tetari is the name that the Yukpa indians have given to the second highest peak of the Serranía de Perijá (3575 m of elevation).


MBLUZ R-215, adult male. Collected by angel Viloria on the roads that lead to the Páramo del Tetari, Sierra de Perijá, Estado Zulia, Venezuela (10°06'34" N, 75°53'00" W), 2970 m of elevation.


MHNLS 664, adult male. Collected by Ramón Urbano at the base of the Pico Tetari, Sierra de Perijá, Estado Zulia, Venezuela, 2900 m of elevation. MCZ 176474, adult female. Collected by Angel Viloria at the base of Cerro Pintado, Sierra de Perijá, Estado Zulia, Venezuela, 2400 m of elevation.

Diagnostic description: 

From original description: Barros, Williams, and Viloria 1996.


Traditionally, Anolis tetarii was placed in the genus Phenacosaurus, a genus recognized as separate from Anolis based on the extension of the parietal crest (casque)…

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